CN Tower

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CN Tower


Toronto is a special and strange place. An incredibly large city and a financial capital of Canada. It could still be boring. As it spans for hundreds of square miles the amoount of things that you can do, buy or see declines towards the fringes. In reverse, when the tower sucks you back in to the core the architecture, people and culture spring into life. This building is like an eye of a hurricane.

To some it still remains just a tall concrete slab. The locals would take it for granted (believe it or not, many of us haven't even been to the top). Yet it's essential to the city's identity, as it seems to tie everything together. For me it was a compass; I always knew which way is south, east or west, even 20 miles away.

Shot on film, developed using cross-processed chemicals. A technique discovered when someone used the wrong emulsion and saw the wierd, intense palette it gave. I chose this effect to give unreal colors and contrast to the building that is a mystic star for this town. The scratches aren't intentional. They were left in tact to give character and identity to a shot that's mid-way between futuristic and rustic.

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