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12 x 14.6” Print (30 x 37cm) premium print. All of our artwork is printed on superior quality archival paper made from bamboo fibers to ensure best color reproduction and lowest environmetal impact.

Giclée inks are guaranteed to be fade-free for 100 years by manufacturer.

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2012, Toronto, Canada. I went into the bathroom, turned off the light and inserted a roll of film into my Diana Mini camera the "wrong" way (intentionally). This technique has changed the way the camera exposes the film, thus giving a lot more energy to the reds and leaving almost no green colors. A very intense palette that's often hard to control.

Some months later I was able to develop and scan the film; this is perhaps the cleanest and smoothest image I have gotten of the entiere strip. Other examples are: "A Very Red Flower", "Botanical Gardens" and "The Summer Fountain".

The name. It's from KRS-One's 1993 single Sound of Da Plice:

That's the sound of da police!
That's the sound of the beast!

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