Chi, Photographer

Chi, Photographer

Chi is "just a girl who enjoys shooting film photography". Some time ago Chi saw images taken with a little black camera, Lomo LC-A. Those images, their color, their depth and their style have completely changed how Chi thought about photography. And her life. + Read More

Plastic cameras with tiny "Lo-Fi" lenses have become her obsession that she has never let go since. Over the years Chi has collected a respectable number of vintage and new Lomo-style cameras. She enjoyed every second of her time with them: from clicking the shutter button to finally seeing the results of her work. Whether it was a few days later on a developed film or within a few seconds on a instant film.

The magnificent Polaroid SX-70 is her instant film workhorse. How could she ever shoot digital when she could have an incredibly beautiful camera that created images that looked like this?

Some of Chi's work might look like an "Instagram effect" - but make no mistake, it's anything but. Although she is a vivid user of the app, her original works produce mesmerizing, unrepeatable patterns for every inch of the color and shade. It feels wonderfully organic and natural. This could never be reproduced with a computer, which would simply apply the same "mask" to every image. The tone and the lines that you see in her work are the essence of serendipity, skill and artistic vision that she takes with her for every one of her photo walks.

Today Chi shoots mainly with Olympus OM-4Ti and Zenit ET, using expired exotic or just regular cellulose film. And yes, she still loves to shoot with her plastic Lomo cameras too!

Chi is a dreamer and a romantic. You may have noticed that from her wonderful collection of meditative flower photographs on ArtSocket. If you haven't checked them out, this is the right time. She's also a vivid Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr user - do visit her there if you'd like to see more of her work and the most recent shots.

Enjoy her dreamy world!

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