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Meticulously Curated Selections

  • Dmitri Tcherbadji
  • Betty Dai
  • Olga Tcherbadji
  • Thayanantha Thevanayagam

Meet all ArtSocket artists and curatorsAbove: business owners and core team

Aesthetics is often a question of personal preference, style and past life experiences. Quality and integrity are recognized by masters.

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We are artists, educators, designers and developers. Together have over 80 years of combined experience in the creative industry. Our past projects range from prestigious Russian ballet productions to classical animation shorts. Photography assignments at the edge of the world to sketches of strangers on busy streets of Shenyang. Experimenting with miles of film and exotic camera lenses to cutting-edge digital editing techniques. We love, live and breathe art.

We use our talents and experience to select the most promising works from independent artists and photographers. This is not a "design by committee" neither there is any algorithm or popularity raking involved.

Printmaking Craftsmanship

Every print is created with thick, eco-friendly, archival grade Hahnemühle Bamboo paper. Years of experimentation have proven this particular paper choice to reproduce color while balancing for natural light reflective properties in the most natural, vivid fashion.

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The inks are non-toxic gicleé pigment-type, guaranteed to last fade-free for one hundred years without fading.

Prints arrive within two to three weeks of the order. Professionally packaged in a durable shipping tube. Should there be any problems, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund.

The print is great. I am just now getting it framed. It looks really good. I like it a lot, and will definitely be browsing ArtSocket in the future for more prints.

Kevin D Schopp ★★★★★

I received the print and it looks great! The colours came out just as I expected - saturated (in a good way) and true!

Reina Shishikura ★★★★★

The prints are hanging in our dining room and getting a lot of comments from visitors!

Marcin Szablewski ★★★★★

The prints arrived in a nice tube — really no problem at all. Print quality and stock appear to be of high quality.

Frank Russo ★★★★★

I'm enjoying the prints, thanks very much!

John Piercy ★★★★★

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Even if you never end up buying artwork after visiting Artsocket we want you to leave feeling inspired.

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