dmitrizzle, ArtSocket Owner

dmitrizzle, ArtSocket Owner

What does my voice sound like? Pretty silly to me but you'd be a better judge. Check out my story and the story of ArtSocket on The App Guy Podcast with Paul Kemp.

Dmitri's passion for art and technology began when he was 11. Back in the 90's when personal computers were still qute rare he aquired a copy of 3D Studio MAX, which he used almost every day while his friends plaid Super Mario. Since then he's never stopped developing the skills and the passion for creative process. + Read More

Although he was never a stranger to art, Dmitri's creative career began at the University of Toronto. He majored in Psychology and Digital Communication, yet at night he spent his free time composing music, drawing, animating and directing short films. He then met Thaya who quickly became his best friend. Together they've created a number of film and digital projects (including this website). Many of which went on winning awards at film festivals.

Dmitri was born in Russia in the mid-80s. Both of his parents worked at Bolshoi Theatre: a well-known national ballet institution. As a child he remembers being surrounded by art, books and pets. Although this life is now a distant past for Dmitri, it still affects his style and creative direction.

After he moved to Canada in 1999 Dmitri held a wide variety of jobs. From dog walker to carpenter, research assistant to software developer & CTO. Today he spends most of his time working on this website as well as other online and offline projects. Besides ArtSocket his notable efforts consist of working at the heart of Silicon Valley with his friends and co-founders on software that powers companies like Associated Press. More often than not he'd be doing it while travelling around the world or from his temporary home in Thailand.

Dmitri started ArtSocket in 2012 as a part-time project with a goal to collect, promote and exhibit the best art he could possibly get his hands on. It has since evolved to an e-commerce platform and an online exhibit that liberates users looking for art from browsing millions images of variable quality. Right here you can find only the best, hand-picked creations with a full back-story, neatly arranged to fit perfectly together. The selections are chosen to create a beautiful visual flow with color, lines and light.

ArtSocket Magazine is the spin-off project that's aimed to document some of the best creative, art and travel stories from around the world. The articles are written and maticulously curated by Dmitri himself and many other talented writers from around the web.

Dmitri designed and hand-coded this entire project using the latest and most powerful web technology available.

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