Betty Dai, Consultant, Photographer

Betty Dai, Consultant, Photographer

A trained artist and a passionate bookworm, Betty's personality and humor speaks through her art and photography. After a decade studying art and a four-year university degree from UofT she spent a few hard years working office jobs in Toronto. That didn't gel very well with her. So she packed the bags and started her travels across Asia. She is now an English teacher in Thailand, pouring her heart out to the kids during the day and reading literature classics at night. And on the days when she feels even more inspired she draws using traditional Chinese inks. She even grinds and mixes the paint herself - the way it really should be done. + Read More

From the dingiest hostel rooms in Osaka to the fanciest restaurants in Taiyuan she loves being on the move and has been on the go for the most of her life. A Chinese-born, Japanese-educated, Canadian Vancouverite with deep roots in Toronto she is also a wonderful photographer/lomographer who takes dreamy, gritty pictures of people and places that strike her during her transit.

Of all the people, she gets the most annoyed by Dmitri's obsession over ArtSocket due to their close proximity.

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