Olga Tcherbadji, Consultant, Artist

Olga Tcherbadji, Consultant, Artist

Olga is an artist with over 30 years of experience. She began her career in Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre as a stage and costume designer. Since then she worked on hundreds of productions at home and abroad. + Read More

A clasically-trained artist and designer, Olga is known for her refined and versataile style. Her images have inspired both adults and children of all ages at her shows, in her published magazines and through her work of restoration of religious artifacts.

As Dmitri's mom and a talented creative individual she helped him direct the style and mood of ArtSocket's selections. Her advice helped to transform this website from an amateour project out of a basement to something with much more bang. Her creative work exhibited here also serves as a staple of quality that is required for the website.

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