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ArtSocket was a creative project I embarked on in 2012. It was a custom-built website in PHP and MooTools with an e-commerce component meant to sell and promote artwork as prints. Unfortunately, I could not sell much, so I stopped working on it in 2017.

This domain is still my primary email identifier. If you received an email from, it came from the same place as

I left a single page (aside from this one) on this domain as a memento of what this website used to look like. It's stripped off all the interactive components and functions as an illustration only.

Despite the lack of commercial success, I am proud of the design, the content, and the relationships ArtSocket has created. I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this experiment and direct you to Analog.Cafe — my new creative project fueled by a much larger community of readers, writers, and analogue photographers.